For an employee

For an employee

Welcome to the site of freelancers and employers.


This site was created in order to combine two sites: a freelancer site - where people, as an individual or an entrepreneur, offer their services, knowledge, skills in various industries and a job portal - where an employee is looking for a job, an interesting vacancy, and the employer places job offers , vacancies and looking for staff in your company.

That is, an employer can find an employee not only on the basis of a resume or CV, but also after seeing a portfolio, completed projects, services, can become interested in a freelancer, entrepreneur and offer a job or a joint business.

And an ordinary user of the site among the Services provided will find the one that is needed at the moment, whether it is writing a site, painting a car, laying tiles, accounting services, repairing a room, etc.

There are two possible registrations on the site - as an Employee, Contractor (entrepreneur, freelancer) and Employer.

Attention! This is not a bulletin board! Here you can offer your services, look for a job, post vacancies from the company.

Sale of any product is prohibited! For violation - removal of the user. It is allowed to place Services that do not violate the law.


For Performer, Freelancer

1. Register on the site as an Employee.

2. After registering on the site as an Employee, fill out a profile, add data as desired, some fields are required. CV, resume is not required to be added, but you can, as only a registered Employer can download CV.

3. Fill in the field About me and Portfolio. Write what services you provide and in the Portfolio section there is an opportunity to add a photo and description of your work, services, completed projects. This data is visible to everyone on the site, except for email.

4. Add a phone number - visible to everyone on the site.

5. You can see how your profile is displayed on the site by clicking the View public profile menu in your control panel.

6. Attention! Profiles with unconfirmed email, empty and unfilled fields will be disabled or deleted!

For an employee

The job portal was created for easy and fast job search in Europe, and abroad.

Place your portfolio, resume on our portal for free.

After registering, confirming your email and filling out your profile, you have access to your profile control panel and can publish a CV, portfolio.

The following features are available:

1. My job applications

2. My favorite job offers

3. My job alerts - notifications about job offers. To enable notifications, select the desired category of job offers in the filter, or another category and click the "Save Job" button at the top.

4. CV Management - Choice of country, city and category, extended resume, text about yourself, achievements, projects, language skills.

5. My messages - your messages to the employer, you can write messages to the employer and see the answers without leaving the control panel, that is, in a chat with the employer.

6. My observations.

7. You can see how your profile is displayed on the site by clicking the View public profile menu in your control panel.

Attention! Profile data, except for email, download CV, is visible to non-registered users, that is, in the public domain for all users of the site.

Attention! Profiles with unconfirmed email or empty ones will be turned off or deleted! At the minimum, you need to add a first name, last name, CV, the About me field.


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If you have questions or suggestions, write to us.

We provide services in the field of individual selection of personnel of various levels.

Not only are we looking for employees for your business, we can also help with evaluation and testing.