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Financial Observer - Dowell Holding (Netherlands) B.V.

Date Posted: Sep 15, 2023
Monthly Salary: 4500 EUR - 5500 EUR

SchipolRijk, Amsterdam

Do: Dec 28, 2024

An agency agreement

Experienced Professional

Job Experiences: 1 Year


Job Description

Working conditions: You need to be over 28 years old and familiar with using the digital Huobi software. Free to work. After successful employment, there will be 7 days of paid training. You can work from home and arrange your own time reasonably. The salary will be settled on the same day. The more you work, the more you will get.


100-200 Euro per day, more work, more rewards

 relatively high pay, stability, opportunities for advancement and consistent demand projections

Company Overview

SchipolRijk, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Our company has been servicing London households for over 7 years. Providing the highest quality painting and most professional services. Read More

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