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Knowledge of the Polish language for employment in Poland?

Every year, a huge number of our compatriots go to work abroad in search of a decent wage for their labor. It is there that people have the opportunity to earn money in a few months, which in the country is not possible to get working for a whole year. Traditionally, it is Poland that receives the largest number of workers from our country, this is facilitated by both geographical proximity and the similarity of languages.

Despite the fact that it is possible to understand the Poles without knowing the language, many are interested in the question - is knowledge of Polish a prerequisite for employment?

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Employment agencies in Poland offer different vacancies - if the applicant is applying for the position of a handyman, a worker on a production line, or other types of work that do not require direct communication with people, then knowing the language is not necessary. If there is a desire to get a job in the service sector, here without knowing the language you will definitely not be issued a job.

Types of jobs that do not require knowledge of the polish language

If the applicant is interested in part-time work in the cities of Warsaw, Tychy, Bialystok, Gdynia, Gliwice, etc. (Poland), the international Polish labor agency Jobsforsoul can offer various vacancies.

Such as:

  • work in production - depending on the specialty or personal preferences of the applicant, you can get a job on production lines of different directions,
  • agricultural work - in greenhouses or in the fields there is always a need for labor, at the request of the applicant, you can find both seasonal and permanent work in this area;
  • handymen - people are always required for construction, road work, cleaners, loaders, assistants to specialists and for other types of work that do not require certain skills.
  • There is always a job in Poland for everyone - for couples, students, men and women over 55 years old, current vacancies are regularly updated on our website. In the process of working and communicating with the local population, our fellow citizens quickly learn spoken Polish, which allows them to count on getting a new promising job with higher wages.

What documents do you need to go to poland to work?

For those who are going abroad for the first time, many questions seem complicated and insoluble. It is worth contacting professionals who will take care of all the issues related to the preparation of the necessary documents.

In Europe, this is the Work Life labor agency, we will be happy to arrange a work visa to Poland, an invitation from the employer and assist in obtaining medical insurance. To cross the border for the purpose of employment, you must present a foreign passport, a work visa (if the work is long-term), an invitation from the employer and medical insurance.

Work in Poland in warehouses, a confectionery factory, a welder, a cleaner, etc. provides an opportunity for Ukrainians to earn a decent amount of money. At the same time, living and working conditions are decent, as well as pay. Upon arrival, the applicant must draw up an employment contract, according to which he receives a salary.

Overtime and night shifts are usually paid at a separate favorable rate. By contacting our Jobsforsoul agency, the applicant gets the opportunity to get a job abroad according to his requirements.

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