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Where to post a job advertisement for free?

Taking into account that job seekers use the Internet more and more often, the number of portals with advertisements and job offers is growing. Unfortunately, employers who are looking for employees most often see a lot of portals with job advertisements when they go online.

Add a job offer for free - but where?

Only after taking a closer look at each advertising website do we start to see the differences between them. But which employers have so much time to deal with this... We understand this, and that's why we will briefly describe the types of advertising websites publishing job offers, so that you know which one you should add your offer to.

What are the differences between job portals?

The first group are offer aggregators such as Jooble, i.e. job portals that publish offers from various specialized and general job websites and from multi-topic regional portals. The advantage of aggregators is that some of them are free job portals, i.e. they publish ads for free. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for one offer to be displayed multiple times because it is published on many portals and ad aggregators import them from all of them. In our experience, this is very irritating for job seekers. It is difficult to find a job on such a website, because there are many different advertisements and it is difficult to choose what you need.

The second type of portals with employment offers are general-themed websites with job offers from many industries, where "job offers" advertisements with information about employees sought are placed in a special section. An example of such a website on the labor market is olx. Individual advertisements are divided into sections such as real estate, automotive, etc. and, of course, work. How much does an ad cost? Until recently, adding advertisements on this website was free of charge, but now the most popular sections (including the "work" section) are subject to payment.

The third type are websites devoted exclusively to job advertisements. Unfortunately, most of them are also paid, and the largest ones can price their offer publication services at up to several hundred zlotys net for one offer. There is, of course, a group of portals where you can add free job advertisements for employers, but unfortunately these are usually small, local websites, which often translates into the number of unique users visiting them per month and, therefore, low effectiveness.

Post a job ad for free on Jobsforsoul if you are looking for manual workers!

This is the fourth type of portal - specialized portals. When looking for manual workers, it is best and most effective to add an offer on the fourth type of websites, i.e. specialized portals that publish offers for specific groups of workers, such as construction workers, production workers, sales forces and service workers - mainly manual labor. The advantage of these websites is that they are visited by people looking for such a specific job. An example of such a portal is

How to post a job ad for free on

click on the button corresponding to your chosen offer publication period (30, 60 or 90 days)
write who you are looking for and where, what they should be able to do and what you offer and... that's all!

One more very important piece of information you should remember. Provide a contact telephone number in your offer. Why is this so important? Because our research has shown that if a telephone number was provided in the advertisement, many people use it! And that's before sending your CV. These offers allow you to find an employee several times faster than those that did not have telephone numbers provided.

Don't wait - add your job offer for free today!

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