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How Much Do You Need to Earn to Live Comfortably in Germany?

In times of high living costs and constant price increases, including in Germany, people's lives have become more challenging than before. How much do you need to earn to live comfortably in Germany? Who is considered wealthy and who is considered poor in this country? German institutions provide answers to these questions. It is an income at which someone is considered well-off, and someone is considered wealthy.

Modern life is full of problems and high expenses, especially when it comes to meeting basic needs. Although Germany is a country where there are still no problems with employment, and the minimum wage is 12 euros per hour, one of the highest in Europe, many complain about financial difficulties. It can be assumed that for a comfortable life in Germany, you need an income that is somewhere in the middle of the scale between the incomes of the wealthiest and the poorest.

The Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs states that a person with a high income is currently considered someone who earns around 5300 euros net per month. According to, this means that a wealthy person is someone who earns a salary three times higher than the average income.

Average Earnings in Germany and the Definition of Wealth.

The median is defined as the average salary, dividing employees into two equal groups: one earns below the median, the other above. In Germany, the average salary is currently 1794 euros per month. Three times this amount is precisely 5382 euros per month. According to the Ministry of Labour, half of Germans in surveys consider an amount above 5000 euros as the perceived threshold of wealth.

Scientists from the Institute of Economic Research in Cologne (IW) believe that a childless couple can be considered well-off with a net income of 6500 euros per month. Taking into account the division of income tax for married couples, these can be two people with a gross salary of approximately 10,000 euros. Such earnings in Germany are achieved by qualified workers or scientists with many years of experience.

What Income is Needed to Be Considered Wealthy in Germany?

The size of the income in Germany is not everything, economists emphasize. Wealth is also determined by the number of assets. Unlike income, wealth is characterized by savings. The German middle class is quite inconspicuous when it comes to wealth: a study by Allianz showed that the average German with a steady job has financial assets of 18,000 euros.

The Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb) calculated that the average total income of the middle class is 71,000 euros. One can consider themselves wealthy if they have accumulated more wealth—for example, bought a small apartment. This is what experts believe. However, in practice, luxury is associated with something else. Isn't that so?

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