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Health insurance at work abroad

During each trip abroad, you should have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) with you. This card is proof that we are insured in one of the EU countries. The lack of such a card involves covering the costs of treatment and medical services, in accordance with the price list of the country in which we will be currently staying.

These costs can sometimes be very high. The EHIC can be obtained free of charge, asking your own health insurance company with a request or application to issue it. This should be done before going abroad. On the Internet, you can encounter websites created by fraudsters offering the possibility of ordering a European health insurance card for a fee. Never use such websites! Turn directly to your health insurance company.

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Also remember that the EHIC does not include the costs of rescue operations or costs related to the return to the country. If you want free home transport in the event of a serious illness or injury in an accident, it is worth buying separate insurance. The EHIC card also does not ensure the cost of private healthcare.

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If you work abroad with the help of a temporary employment agency, in most cases we can count on additional health insurance, which will include many more aspects of health treatment than the EHIC card.

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