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Internal Recruiter - .

Date Posted: Sep 08, 2023
Monthly Salary: 30000 EUR - 30000 EUR

Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

Do: Jun 30, 2024


Experienced Professional

Job Experiences: 1 Year


Job Description

Are you a passionate and highly motivated recruiter, with a keen eye for hiring exceptional talent? Do you thrive in an environment where your skills and abilities are put to the test?

Do you have experience in a high-volume recruitment role?

We have a great opportunity to join our award-winning business and be part of a dynamic team as our Internal Recruiter based out of Milton Keynes.

Your role will involve understanding the specific requirements for each role you take on and then employing innovative sourcing strategies to recruit candidates. You need to create an attraction strategy for all vacancies within your area, based on skill and volume requirements, ensuring attention is paid to spend and resource whilst always considering how to attract the best people for the role.

Job Opportunity

What You’ll be doing in position Internal Recruiter

You will work closely with managers to apply a targeted approach to attract the best talent from a diverse range of backgrounds across the geographical area. To achieve this, you will need to understand the local business and management team, will have good knowledge of the local area, candidate demographics and attraction options including local training agencies, job centres, partners, and recruitment fairs.

You will deliver excellent service to candidates and ensure the public image in the market is strong and positive developing our Employer Brand in all medias. You will drive a reduction in time to hire whilst improving the quality of hire and the candidate journey.

You will Support the branch leadership team, with a detailed understanding of vacant posts and live vacancies, understanding and providing information on labour turnover within the first 6 months, retention information such as exit interviews, Glassdoor and Indeed Reviews to drive positive change in recruitment and retention.

* Support and planning of large recruitment initiatives, supporting the Area Directors and HRBP’s with workforce planning strategy.
* Review volume of vacancies within relevant geographical zones and implement candidate sourcing solutions such as recruitment days covering a wider geographical area.
* Proactively source candidates through internal and external vehicles: internal movement, candidate pipelines, networking, internet job postings, employee referrals and other creative sourcing avenues
* Build relationships within your area to maintain a candidate pipeline both internally and externally.
* Run adverts in relevant geographical zones, ensuring the adverts are attractive, appealing, and inclusive with regards to language and locations of postings.
* Keep ATS system up to date with candidate progress and any notes where appropriate, ensuring every candidate is responded too.
* Monitor interview progress and deliver feedback to managers on interviewing techniques and process.
* Ensure managers are dealing with any offers in a timely fashion.
* Champion a fair and inclusive recruitment process
* Be a brand ambassador for Securitas
* You will support recruitment admin with the creation of advert templates whilst reviewing applications.

Essential Skills

What You’ll need…

Key Attributes

* Excellent Communicator, listener, and Influencer
* Motivated and persistent
* Stakeholder engagement
* Strong decision-making skills
* Achievement Oriented - Strong work ethic and positive attitude
* Networking and relationship building
* Be a champion of diversity and inclusion

Communication and Customer Orientation: A strong and assured communicator, who is able to gain personal credibility. You are passionate about going the extra mile making sure your candidates have a fantastic journey.

Achievement Oriented: A propensity to succeed, make effective decisions and see them through to an effective conclusion. You’re motivated by the desire to solve challenges facing your region, so you’re prepared to connect them with a solution.

Teamwork and Cultural Flexibility: Although committed to personal growth and keen to succeed, you are able to work in the interests of the company as a whole and to both give and receive support to achieve wider objectives.

Work Standards and Integrity: Always set and maintain professional standards, put forward facts honestly and can be trusted implicitly. Do far more than the minimum required and be concerned with the quality, professionalism and integrity of work undertaken.

Self-Reliance and Flexibility: Possess a self-assured and outward going personality with the ability and adaptability to work practically, independently, reliably and flexibly, without the need for ongoing support.


  • High Volume Recruitment background - For this role we do need someone who has previous experience in a busy high volume recruitment focused position, you will work on an average of 40 -50 roles at any one time.
    * Experience in writing adverts
    * Application consideration and shortlisting
    * Candidate / Manager interview diary management
    * Willingness to travel as needed.

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